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How Often Should You See the Dentist for a Teeth Cleaning?

Posted on December 30, 2020

Most health care professionals who work in the dental industry agree by a consensus that six months is not frequent enough for their patients to get the oral attention they need to address the health concerns they have. Every person, regardless of the quality of their teeth or mouths, needs to visit their dentists more often than every six months because this fallacy is merely damaging their health.

Plaque and tartar form in the mouth at unrelated rates, meaning that there can be a significant variation in the formation in separate patients. Some patients need to come in for cleanings more often than others because their plaque and tartar buildup naturally accumulates quicker, even with home care. When dentists polish the teeth, the skin of the tooth known as the pellicle is removed and reappears three days later. Sticky biofilm known as plaque will then stick to the pellicle. The natural lifecycle of bacteria in the mouth occurs at different intervals for each person, so the 6-month rule of thumb can put some patient’s health at risk.

Patients who are excellent flossers and brushers will fare better and endure longer before they require another cleaning. Still, it is imperative to bear in mind that gum disease is 100% preventable, but once a patient’s mouth has succumbed to it, it is not 100% curable. Focusing on preemptive care to ensure oral hygiene is optimized and discussing how often your dentist thinks you should come in for teeth cleaning is a responsible course of action in preventing the disease medically and financially. It’s better to receive a clean bill of health and to maintain a state of decent gum health than to pay for treatment in the long run.

Discuss more individualized treatments with your dentist in regards to your unique periodontal issues and encourage open communication with your dentist for an enthusiastic discussion about your oral health. Remember: Gingivitis is curable and is the earliest form of gum disease. Gum disease isn’t treatable and can only achieve remission.

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