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Orthodontist in Carmichael, CA


At iSmile Dental Spa, we offer orthodontic treatment that is designed to straighten a smile and to enhance how it looks. Dr. Carla Gutierrez examines your teeth and gums thoroughly in order to create a custom treatment plan that is suited for your needs. We offer braces, ClearCorrect, and Invisalign to our patients in Carmichael, CA. While there is no exact age to start orthodontic treatment, we can help you to decide when it’s time to begin correcting your child’s teeth. We usually recommend around age 7. By this time, most kids have a mix of both baby and adult teeth, which makes it easier for us to diagnose and correct tooth and jaw problems.

Why is early treatment important?

Early treatment by Dr. Carla Gutierrez allows us to correct and guide the growth of your child’s jaw, which helps permanent teeth to come in straight. It also helps to regulate how wide the arches become. It can even avoid the need for tooth extractions later on. To know if your child may need help from an orthodontist, look for early or late loss of baby teeth, mouth breathing, finger or thumb sucking, crowded or blocked teeth, jaws that pop when opening and closing the jaw, teeth that come together strangely or not at all or crowded front teeth. These are some of the instances you should schedule an appointment with Dr. Carla Gutierrez for your child.

How long will I need orthodontic treatment?

The amount of time needed to treat a smile will depend on three factors:

  • 1. Early treatment: Early treatment allows us to monitor the growth of the jaw and recommend other treatments that may be necessary.
  • 2. Where correction is needed: The amount of treatment needed will determine how long it takes. This will vary from patient to patient.
  • 3. The patient: Your willingness to use the appliances we give you will play a part in how long your treatment takes.

Types of treatments options

After an initial consultation, Dr. Carla Gutierrez can suggest traditional braces or Invisalign treatment with ClearCorrect. There is no cookie cutter answer for which patient will benefit from which better. We can look at your oral health, your insurance coverage and your overall needs to help you to make the most informed decision on which orthodontic solution is best for you.

Call to Schedule an Appointment to discuss orthodontics

When you’re looking for some options to straight your teeth call to schedule an appointment with Dr. Carla Gutierrez today to discuss which orthodontic solution is best for your oral health. The iSmile Dental Spa offers you the most modern techniques for restoring your smile with braces or Clear Aligners. Our experienced and professional staff will evaluate your oral health and help you decide if orthodontics is right for you.

We serve Carmichael, Fair Oaks, Citrus Heights, Rancho Cordova, Arden-Arcade and surrounding Sacramento communities. Check out our website or give us a call at 916-979-7122 to schedule an appointment.

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