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Periodontal Disease Treatment

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Carmichael, CA

Periodontal Disease Treatment

It is possible to have periodontal disease or gum disease without even realizing it, and this disease can often develop slowly over time. A periodontist is a dentist who evaluates and treats patients for gum disease. Gum disease is often caused by a chronic infection of the gums that can eventually lead to loss of both bone and teeth in the diseased area. Without treatment, gum disease can lead to greater risk for heart disease, strokes, obstetric problems or even type II diabetes. Gum disease also increases the incidence of upper and lower respiratory infections and can reduce needed bone density of the jaw. Conditions like diabetes can make it more likely to get gum disease, as can poor dental hygiene or consumption of tobacco or drinks like coffee and tea.

What Periodontal Disease Looks Like?

While a patient may not be aware that he or she is developing periodontal disease, it can easily be spotted by an experienced dentist. Gum sensitivity or bleeding when brushing or flossing the teeth as well as tender or swollen gums can be a sign of periodontal disease. Frequent sores in the mouth or bad breath as well as loosening teeth may also be a sign. Sensitivity to hot and cold liquids or foods can also be caused by gum disease, and bad breath or gum recession may also be a result of it. Gum disease may develop so slowly that a patient doesn’t notice the symptoms at first, but diseased gum tissue may be a pale gray in color rather than the healthy pink of a normal mouth as bacteria and plaque accumulate. When a dentist diagnoses gum disease, he or she can often show the patient the diseased area in a mirror, where the difference in color becomes apparent.

How we can help

There are many ways in which we can help a patient with gum disease. While some of the more traditional treatments for gum disease, like scaling and root planing or pocket reduction surgery may be expensive and require anesthesia, there are now more modern methods of treatment that are less invasive and require less down-time. One of these is laser therapy, in which the diseased and inflamed gum tissue is removed with a dental laser. The advantage of this type of therapy is that it does not remove more tissue than necessary and also encourages the regeneration of new, healthy gum tissue. There is little risk of infection, and very little risk of bleeding as well.

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