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Night Guards

Night Guards in Carmichael, CA

Night Guards

Many people unconsciously grind their teeth or clench their jaw during sleep. There are various reasons why this can happen, which include every day or excessive stress, certain medications, caffeine or other stimulants, or a malformed bite or jaw. Dentists call this grinding of the teeth bruxism. Bruxism can damage the teeth and expose them to excessive wear and tear. However, it can sometimes be relieved a great deal by nightguards.

Nightguards are dental devices that fit over the teeth and provide a barrier between them. They alleviate teeth grinding by relaxing the jaw and easing muscle tension around it that can cause daytime headaches or jaw pain. They also protect the teeth from the wear of grinding. Nightguards come in various levels of hardness and can cover either the upper or lower teeth, or both.

Symptoms of Bruxism

It is not uncommon for a person to be completely unaware that they are suffering from the effects of bruxism, but an experienced dentist can see the signs. When teeth across the mouth appear to be worn or cracked for no apparent reason, bruxism may be the cause. Other symptoms like pain in the neck or jaw area or facial or ear pain may also be a symptom of bruxism. Unusual sensitivity to cold or hot liquids or foods may also indicate bruxism. Misshapen teeth with ground-down enamel or fatigue from insomnia or poor sleep are also signs of bruxism. While bruxism is more common in children than in adults, it can also be exacerbated by some antidepressants and also by smoking and alcohol.

Why Custom Nightguards Are Better

While it is possible to get nightguards at the drug store or even online, it is better to have them custom-made by a professional. Nightguards that are made of cheap drugstore materials are not very durable and may also not fit well. They may slip out of place and injure your gums or tongue. On the other hand, a custom nightguard is made of durable materials from a mold of your unique mouth in your dentist’s office and will then be adjusted to fit. If you have a store-bought nightguard that is uncomfortable, you won’t wear it, and it won’t help your problem. If you have a custom nightguard that is designed just for you, you will wear it and see the benefits from it very quickly. Without chronic jaw pain or headaches and with a good night’s rest, you’ll notice a positive difference.

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