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General & Family Dentist

General & Family Dentist in Carmichael, CA

General & Family Dentist

Going to the dentist is often a task that many people don’t particularly enjoy. However, dental care is an important part of ongoing health care. That’s why it is so important to choose a general and family dentist who can meet all of your and your family’s dental needs in an environment that is compassionate and caring. Choosing the right dentist can help you build a strong relationship that you are comfortable with, allowing your dentist to get to know you and to understand your unique needs as a patient. A good general dentist will offer you options for pain control and relief as well as anesthesia for certain procedures and will understand your medical history so that the care you receive is individualized and effective.

Why Regular Dental Visits Are So Important

The old saying, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, certainly applies to dentistry. The health of your teeth and gums is directly related to the health of the rest of your body. Poor dental health can jeopardize the health of your heart and can be a factor in developing heart disease or issues with heart valves. Oral cancers may go undetected without regular visits and are then more difficult to treat. Grinding of the teeth during sleep may lead to sleep apnea and associated health problems. Lack of dental care and examinations may also lead to gum disease, causing the gums to recede and provide less support for the teeth. And of course, the teeth themselves are important for chewing and digesting your food. It is much easier to eat a nutritious, healthy diet if your teeth and gums are in good condition.

General Dentistry Services

It’s important to know that visiting the dentist every six months is a good way to prevent major dental problems from developing. However, general dentistry services do include diagnosing and treating issues like broken teeth, gum disease, cavities and applying crowns or implants to teeth that are badly decayed. An experienced general dentist will offer you state-of-the-art options for dental treatment, no matter what your dental problems are. With modern dentistry and all of its technological advances, a good general dentist can offer you effective treatment that meets your needs in a clean and professional setting. For long procedures or for treatment that may be extensive, a general dentist can offer you a variety of forms of anesthesia, depending on what you’re comfortable with. General dentists also have access to specialists to whom they can refer you if more extensive or surgical treatment is needed.

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If you are in need of general or family dental services, call to schedule an appointment with a California general and family dentist today. The iSmile Dental Spa offers you comprehensive general and family dental services to meet all of your dental needs. We are focused on prevention and will help you learn to maintain your dental health, but we can also treat any dental problems you may have. We serve Carmichael, Arden-Arcade, Rancho Cordova, Fair Oaks, North Highlands and surrounding communities. Check out our website at or give us a call at 916-979-7122 and let our dental professionals discuss your dental needs with you today.


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