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ClearCorrect: How Does It Work?

Posted on October 21, 2020

ClearCorrect is a modern orthodontic treatment solution that uses clear aligners to improve the alignment of your teeth. ClearCorrect clear aligners are custom-made using advanced computer technology. There are three different alternatives, such as Unlimited, Limited 12, and Limited 6. Each set of aligners is specially crafted to make precise, calibrated adjustments to the alignment of your teeth. Unlimited offers patients as many aligners as they need to straighten their teeth. Limit 12 equips you with 12 sets of aligners for your smile-straightening needs, and Limited 6 gives you six aligners. Unlimited is the most expensive of the options, while Limited six is the most affordable out of the selection. 

With ClearCorrect, there are four personalized phases of alignment when straightening your teeth; each phase entailing a new set of clear aligners for gradual straightening. Each stage lasts three weeks, and the trays can be worn 24/7, not including oral hygiene care, eating, or drinking.

When transitioning from one phase to the next, the results will be distinguishable with the improved arrangement of your teeth. Checkups with your dentist will need to continue throughout the treatment to guarantee that the process is progressing as intended.

Consult your dentist to find out if clear teeth aligners are suitable for your dental situation.

ClearCorrect may be a beneficial solution for you if you have crooked teeth, crowded teeth, spaces between teeth, overbites, or underbites. The length of treatment varies depending on each individual basis, although usually, the procedure may go on between a couple of months to a few years. Discuss a specific plan with your general dentist about whether invisible aligners are a viable option and what a more precise estimate is for your oral circumstance. ClearCorrect is meant for teenagers and adults but is not limited to those age groups. Children who do not have all of their molars and senior citizens who have more complicated dental situations may be good candidates. Consult a dentist for more information.

ClearCorrect functions similarly to Invisalign as they are both teeth aligners. However, the key differences are that ClearCorrect comes in three different options for an involved process, as well as their price differences.

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