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Chipped or Broken Tooth: What to Do?

Posted on October 7, 2020

Cracked tooth syndrome transpires when a tooth has a crack that’s too insignificant and tiny to show up on x-rays or is under the gum, oftentimes making it difficult and close to impossible to identify. It oftentimes appears on molars. Most people experience cracked tooth syndrome as discomfort or pain when biting into food or when teeth are vulnerable to cold or hot temperatures. Although the discomfort or pain won’t be constant, it will be reminiscent of a cavity, making it that much more challenging to identify.

If the crack is insignificant and has only affected the tough outer layer of your tooth called the enamel, your dentist may not recommend any immediate action or treatment. Minor chips and cracks are relatively common with adult teeth. Your dentist might be able to improve the appearance of your tooth by polishing it.

However, when a crack makes its way through more than the enamel, immediate treatment may be imperative to prevent problems such as a deeper crack or an infection. Depending on how severe the break is, your dentist may suggest a crown, a root canal, or the removal of the tooth itself. In some situations, filling material may be used to rectify the problem, and a crown can stop the problem from getting worse. If the soft tissue inside of your tooth has become affected, your doctor may suggest a root canal to extract damaged tissue. While a root canal is a more intensive treatment than a crown, it can save your tooth in the event of a fracture that has impacted the whole tooth. The final course of action is to have the molar removed. The tooth must be removed when it cannot be saved because the root has been damaged beyond rectification.

Accidents, very rigid foods, and even teeth grinding may cause cracks and fractures. Consults your dentist immediately to discuss what can be done for your tooth. Your dentist will recommend the best course of action to take depending on the severity and location of the tooth fracture. Examples of treatment alternatives are root canal, crowns, bonding, and tooth removal.

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